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Oct 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
governor o'mallly... for ccmmercials that ppose maryland.penn national gaaing .- is pending millions of dollars trying to defeat "question 7"... which would and allow another casino at - the national harbor in prince george's county.but the governor says the ads sugggst that added revenue from gammling will ánotá go to education... which are liis. &p(governor) "the gaming compan that's funding all of thhse ads trying to claim that dollars never go to chools, total hogwash, complete lii that penn is perpetuating, total falsehood." falsehood." thh governnr says penn nattonal is only trying virginia rom a potential loss in businees from marylanders. ctober is natiinal fire prevention month... aad one of the ways the baltimore ity fiie deparrment is driving home tte message of safety, is with some... enteetainment. joel d. smith is live in rosedale attthe fire training center, where he is personally of reelly is. 3 president obama and mitt romney mee for their ffrst in denver, a stage - jobs and the ecooomy stood ... - front and center... along wiih &pto bring prosper
Oct 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
. senttncing.jurors convicted the former penn state coach... on 45 counts of sexuallyy aausing 10 boys ovvr a 15-year span. sandusky denies all aacusationn made agaiist him... saying he was not ivenn a fair opportunity to prepare for trial. in what many are calling a bizarrr move...on the eve f his seetencing ... sandusky released his first statement from jail .. blaming the victims. in my heart, i know i did not do thhse alleged disgusting sex partner that was after marriage.//buut to//before you k at everything and everybodyy. look t the preparation for the trialland the trial. to//we will fight for anothhr chance and now we'll ask for one.//butt to// i ask for the strengthhto handle everything ann willingnees to surrender only to godd regardlees oo the outcome." &pprosecutors say uppto 6 of atttoday's hearing.he faces up to liff in prison. a halloween mask on ebay... is sparking widespread outrage. outrage.this mask is of jamessholmes and was put on ebay for 500-dollars by an anonymous seller.the everyone you know."the mask was modeled after hhs first court appearancce.many
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2